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Position: Other
City and State: Masterton,
Job Description: HOW YOU CAN EARN $3 to $5K PER WEEK IN LESS THAN 90 DAYS WORKING FROM HOME Home Business Opportunity Using Your Desktop PC or Laptop to Earn Significant Income without the Stress. HOW YOU CAN EARN $3 to $5K PER WEEK IN 90 DAYS Here's How YOU Can Earn $$THOUSANDS$$ Per Week From Home in 90 Days or Less and Change Your Life Forever. · Fully automated system that does most of the work for you · No cold calling or direct selling · $1,000 commissions What does a 'beach bum' know about making money???...well, enough to make over $200k...!!! Want to know how he and others, like you and I, are doing it...??? htt://thousanddollarprofits.com/139334 Basically, if you can send an e-mail like this, place an ad online (we will teach you this), in a newspaper or send someone to a website, you too can experience success... -No Phone Calls, cold calling or direct selling -No Selling to Friends or Family -No Meetings to attend or drag people to -No Follow up visits or sales calls -No Parties to arrange -No 3 ways closing sales -No Products to store or ship -No Time restrictions - work any time -No Experience Required -No Commuting -No Boss -No Schedule -No Travel (unless it's vacation) -21 year old proven product -Full training given by 6 figure income earners -Part-time only 10-20 hours a week This is a totally online, automated sales process, designed to allow people to come through the process, without any human interaction htt://thousanddollarprofits.com/139334 If you are serious about making real money, starting out $3000 - $5000 a month... you need to see this... With our Totally Automated System, you will begin to attract like minded people, who will get all the information about this business, without any human interaction... see it for yourself... htt://thousanddollarprofits.com/139334 Because of this system, I work only 10-20 hours a week (at the most). I now have time to be with my family, friends and the freedom to do whatever I want, when I want, with whom I want...and you can too... Take a serious look at this business...and know that it is a real business...generating real income for even the newest of our affiliates... When you enter the process, you will see over $10,000,000 has been generated in the last 35 weeks (since it's launch), so the timing couldn't be better to get into a proven system, in a booming industry. With so many industries closing down, down sizing or disappearing...it is important to protect your income and livelihood and create an additional income stream...if you can do that part time, and generate a full time income... that is what creates freedom! htt://thousanddollarprofits.com/139334 The online process is designed to keep out "tire kickers and wanna-bees", so we don't waste our time with people who aren't serious. Once you have clicked on my link, you will see how the entire program works, along with the compensation program...this way you can make an informed decision with out feeling pressured into joining our programme. This is a high profit marketing system, with the bulk of the revenue going to the marketers, not the company... for instance...every sale your system makes, generates $1000 to you... then for every sale generated by people on your team, you receive $1000... so think of it this way... if 10 of your team members make 10 sales a month, you earn $100,000 a month. Since we launched, four months later, 24 people earned over $100,000 in one month... if you think that is big... what would happen if you had 2 team members make 2 sales a month...that's $4000 a month to you... still good for many people... Where will you be financially, in the next 6 months? htt://thousanddollarprofits.com/139334 If you are accepted into this program, I can confidently say, you will be successful, if you follow the program...the program is simple...anyone can do it..the question is... Are you ready for success in your life...? Onward & Upward Casey Moleta Please contact caseythousanddollarprofitsltd@gmail.com (06)3703123 (027)3418679 (021)02948602
Salary Range: $100,000 to $300,000
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